Your very own, simple, customizable online ordering system.

No Business too small

Compete with the "big guys" and get your products online! Create your very own online shopping presence and theme it to suite your company identity.

Keep it simple

You have a product menu which your customers know and love. Nou-Nou provides the same - except online, from anywhere, anytime.

Order process line

See your orders come in and move them along the order process while notifying your eager customers about the order status.

Want to deliver?

Everyone knows someone who has a bakkie. Or maybe you already own a poegie? Mange your orders for delivery - without anyone taking an über cut.

Always available

Everything is in the "cloud" - that thing everyone talks about. It just means you will always be able to access your orders anywhere. Just add Internet.

Feature 06

Proudly South African

We're based in South Africa (Stellenbosch to be exact), so we know what the words "lekker", "braai", and "load shedding" means.

One simple monthly fee

No surprises. No limits. No Commission. No Hassle.

What you will get
  • Your own custom .nou-nou url
  • A customer facing ordering site
  • Your own order dashboard
  • Up to 3 admin user accounts
  • Email and Push Notifications


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